Frequently asked questions

Can I collaborate with other people using Ente?

Yes, Ente allows you to collaborate with people in 2 ways:

  • Collaborative albums

  • Collaborative links

Collaborative albums

Collaborative albums allow multiple Ente users to add photos to the same shared album. Storage is only counted once, irrespective of the number of collaborators and viewers.

  • The owner of the album is the person who created it.

  • The owner can add collaborators and viewers by their email. The owner can also change permissions of participants at any time, and remove them.

  • Collaborators can add photos (and videos) to the shared album.

  • The storage of the photo is counted towards the owner of the photo - the person who uploaded it. Since the uploader usually has the photo in their account anyway, effectively this means that the photo can be added to a collaborative album without paying anything extra.

  • The owner of the photo can remove it from the album (or delete it).

  • The owner of the album can remove all photos from the album (they can only delete the photos they own).

  • When a collaborator is removed from a shared album (or when they leave the album), any photos they'd uploaded will also be removed.

Currently collaborative albums can only be used from the mobile app. A collaborator will see them in view only mode in the web and desktop apps; we're actively working on adding support for them on web and desktop too.

Collaborative links allow you to collaborate with people who might not have an Ente account or the Ente apps.

  • You can create a public link, and anyone with access to the link will be able to view the shared photos using just their web browser (no login required).

  • You can enable the "Allow adding photos" option on a public link to allow people to also add photos the same way (from their web browser, no login required).

Such collaborative links are also sometimes called "collect links", since they allow you to collect photos from people without them needing Ente accounts. A common use case for this is collecting event and trip photos from a big circle of people.

The storage for the photos added to a collaborative link are counted towards the album owner. The owner can also remove these photos at any time.