Ente Photos vs. Google Photos

Ente is an end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) photo storage app, that provides a secure way to backup your photos. Open source apps are available for every platform, that automatically backup and sync your photos, across devices, end-to-end encrypted. These apps focus on providing complete privacy for your photos, while ensuring a great user experience for reliving your memories.

Google Photos is a cloud-based service offering smart, AI-powered features for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos.


Ente PhotosGoogle Photos
E2EE✅ Your photos are encrypted on your device before they reach our servers and only you hold the decryption keysNo
Privacy✅ End-to-end encryption ensures that no one but you can access your photosVery low, Google can access and scan your photos
Open Source✅ YesNo
PricingCompetitiveSubsidized, you pay with your data
Family Plans✅ Yes✅ Yes
AI Features🟡 Not yet, but we're working on on-device AI to offer you smart features without compromising privacy✅ Powerful AI features
Image EditorBasic image editor✅ Powerful image editor
Map View✅ Yes✅ Yes
Location SearchOnly for tagged locations✅ Works for all locations
Video Streaming🟡 Not yet, but planned✅ Yes
Comments🟡 Not yet, but planned✅ Yes
Partner Sharing✅ Yes, with E2EEYes, but without E2EE
Link Sharing✅ Yes, with E2EEYes, but without E2EE
Collaboration✅ Yes, with E2EEYes, but without E2EE
Collect Photos✅ Yes, without an account, E2EEYes, but requires an account and is without E2EE
User InterfaceSimple and user-friendly, built with a focus on user experienceUser-friendly
Cross-Platform✅ Accessible on all devices✅ Accessible on all devices
Data DurabilityReliable data backup system that replicates your data to 3 different countries, including a fallout shelter under the ground✅ Google's infrastructure should be mature to ensure high durability
Data Export✅ Easy, with a single click🔴 Very difficult
Customer Support✅ Dedicated support teamNo human support
CommunityLovely communityNone


In comparison to Google, ente provides a unique, user-centric approach to photo storage, making it ideal for those seeking greater privacy and data security. End-to-end encryption ensures that your photos are secure at every stage, from upload to storage and sharing. This is an essential feature that sets us apart, as your data remains private and only accessible to you.

While Google Photos offers free storage up to a certain limit and some features like AI-enhanced search, it comes at the cost of your privacy. And with our commitment to continually enhancing our product's functionality, you can look forward to regular updates and improvements designed around your needs and feedback.

We believe that your memories are precious and should be kept safe and private. So, for those who value their privacy and seek a more secure cloud for their photos, Ente is the better choice. We invite you to try Ente today and experience the peace of mind that true end-to-end encryption can provide.

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