Ente Photos vs. Apple Photos

Ente is an end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) photo storage app, that provides a secure way to backup your photos. Open source, externally audited apps are available for every platform, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and even de-googled mobile devices.

Apple Photos is photo management app pre-installed on Apple devices, that offers editing capabilities and seamless integration with other devices within the Apple ecosystem.


Ente PhotosApple Photos
Open Source✅ YesNo
Cross-Platform✅ Accessible on all devicesAccessible only on Apple devices and web
E2EE✅ Your photos are encrypted on your device before they reach our servers and only you hold the decryption keysAdvertises E2EE, but unverifiable due to proprietary source code
Privacy✅ Externally audited end-to-end encryption ensures that no one but you can access your photosVery low by default, higher if Advanced Security is enabled
Family Plans✅ Yes✅ Yes
AI FeaturesMemories compilation and object detection; Other aspects limited due to E2EE, but we're working on on-device AI to offer you smart features without compromising privacy✅ On-device facial recognition, object detection and montage compilation
Partner Sharing✅ Yes, with E2EENo
Link Sharing✅ Yes, with E2EEYes, but without E2EE
Collaboration✅ Yes, with E2EEYes, but without E2EE
Collect Photos✅ Yes, without an account, E2EENo
User InterfaceSimple and user-friendly, built with a focus on user experienceUser-friendly
Data DurabilityReliable data backup system that replicates your data to 3 different countries, including a fallout shelter under the ground✅ Apple's infrastructure should be mature to ensure high durability
Data Export✅ Easy, with a single clickVery difficult
Customer Support✅ Dedicated support team✅ Dedicated support team
CommunityLovely communityApple Discussions; Official responses are rare


When it comes to choosing a photo storage service, the decision comes down to your individual needs and priorities. If privacy and data security are your top concerns, ente, with its end-to-end encryption and open-source nature, is an excellent choice. You have the assurance that your photos are encrypted, keeping them secure from unauthorized access at all times. Moreover, the open-source aspect allows the service to be transparent, offering an opportunity for independent verifiable audits.

Apple Photos offers a seamless integration for Apple device users and provides features like image recognition. However, it falls short in terms of accessibility, since your data is locked down to their ecosystem. ente on the other hand has open source apps for every possible device.

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